Joseph Kamal made an important contribution to Dr. Qari Shah's post mortem which resulted in it's final ghastly line.
-Tony Kushner, HOMEBODY/KABUL Acknowledgements 

Joseph Kamal handles his roles with vigor and wit.
-Margot Jefferson, NY Times Theater Critic, Newsweek Editor & Pulitzer Prize Winner

An unfettered joie de vivre accounts for the endless appeal of Zorro (Joseph Kamal), who takes the same delight in sashaying around in the guise of his foppish alter ego as in buckling his swashes to resist authority and redistribute California's wealth. (Kamal brilliantly embodies Douglas Fairbanks' special exuberance in the first of a series of acted-out movies).
-Bob Verini, Culture Clash's Zorro in Hell! Review, Variety

The show prospers from Kamal's heart-rending portrayal of Khalid, the most compassionate and intellectually complex guest, and the one able to pierce through the veil of ego, cynicism and self-interest shrouding this "motley human gathering".
-Misha Berson, Seattle Times' Review of OMNIUM-GATHERUM

Joseph Kamal's acting is desperately engaging.
–Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle